Consumer Class Actions

When companies adopt policies and business practices that injure groups of consumers, class litigation often represents the only means of deterring misconduct and achieving redress. Types of corporate wrongdoing that can be addressed through class litigation include false advertising, the imposition of undisclosed or unfair fees, violations of contract rights, the sale of unsafe or defective products, and infringement on consumers’ right to privacy.

Successfully litigating consumer class claims depends on a clear understanding of how the policy or practice at issue affects consumers as a group; claims can be litigated on a class-wide basis only when the defendant’s conduct has a similar impact on enough people to justify collective action, and when the representative plaintiff has claims typical of the other members of the class.

Consistent with our commitment to investing in cases early, we conduct thorough pre-filing investigations, engage experts to perform preliminary analysis, and work to locate and interview multiple class members to fully understand the relevant policy or practice.

If you believe you have been injured by a deceptive or other wrongful corporate policy or practice, please contact Ethan Wohl at 212 758 4097 or ewohl [at] wohlfruchter [dot] com