Delaware Chancery Court Certifies Class and Appoints Class Counsel in Zynga Litigation

December 31, 2015

On December 30, 2015, the Delaware Chancery Court granted our motion to certify a class consisting of stockholders of Zynga, Inc. (Zynga) who were subject to certain lockup restrictions on their shares of Zynga, and who were not permitted to sell shares in an April 2012 secondary offering.

The Court found that the proposed class met all of the criteria for class certification under Court of Chancery Rule 23(a), and were entitled to certification under Court of Chancery Rule 23(b)(3), noting that Plaintiff's two theories of damages turn on questions of law and fact common to the class members that predominate over questions affecting individual class members.

The Court's order also appointed Wohl & Fruchter LLP and our co-counsel as class counsel and certified the Firm's client as class representative.

Click here to learn more about the history of the case and download a copy of the order certifying the class.